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If you sign up to Bet365, Betfair or Betfred you will automatically become eligible for our Tipster Leaderboard.

We give out over £1,000 in prizes every month to the most profitable and imaginative tipsters.

Tipday Your Own Way

T-Shirt Time

Sign up at 3 or more bookmakers with Tipday and we'll post out a free t-shirt to you.

Tipday Your Own Way

T-Shirt Time

Become a confirmed member at 5 or more Tipday partner bookmakers and receive a free Tipday t-shirts + hoodie.

The Small Print

  • Becoming a 'confirmed' user at one of Tipday's partner bookmakers requires making a deposit of at least $20.
  • In order to be credited with any prize / reward you must add your username for the bookmaker to your My Account area after signing up to the bookmaker.
  • All Tipday / 180Vita ltd decisions are final.
  • This promotion can be changed at anytime without warning.
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