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General Questions

Can I Play for Real Money on Tipday?

No. Unfortunately, we do now allow real money betting nor do users have the ability to deposit on our site. If you would like us to add this feature please get in touch and make sure you're heard.

On What Devices Can I Access Tipday?

Almost any! You can access Tipday via browser on Mobile, Tablet and Computer. For a fit for purpose mobile experience you can also download Tipday apps for both Android and iOS. Finally, you can play Tipday within Facebook.

What Bookmakers does Tipday Support?

Tipday currently aggregates odds from BetVictor, William Hill, PaddyPower, Bet365 and SkyBet. If you have any suggestions for bookmakers you would like to see on Tipday just get in touch.

How Does Tipday Make Money?

Tipday was created and is operated by 180Vita. It's a project of passion where we are primarily concerned with user experience and building a genuinely popular product. As such, Tipday is currently only monetized with minimal advertising and affiliate links.

I have an idea for a Tipday feature. What do I do?

Great stuff you imaginative genius! We always love to hear new ideas. Just get in touch here and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

I want a new sport / new markets to be added to Tipday.

Aside from the markets and sports you see on the current version of Tipday, we are currently working on integrating; Tennis, Cricket and the 'To Score' betting market.

Check back for further updates to our roadmap.

I have noticed a bug. What do I do?

Please get in touch via our contact form (remember to select Bug Report) or email Hello@180Vita.com with the subject 'Tipday Bug Report'.

I want to reset my Tipday profile / Betting History

Please get in touch or email Hello@180Vita.com with your username and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I want to close my Tipday account

We'll be sad to see you go, but totally understand. Email Hello@180Vita.com with your username and the subject 'Account Closure Request'.

How do Tipday Points Work?

Every tip you make should be considered as a bet of 1 point. Lose the best and you lose 1 point, if you win you get back the number of points shown on the fixture page.


Arsenal have odds of 2.9 to beat Manchester Utd
Jimmy tips Arsenal to win.

If Arsenal win, Jimmy gets 2.9 points.
If Arsenal do not win (Draw or Lose) Jimmy would lose 1 point.

How does it effect my score if I bet on long odds and lose?

Every tip is for 1 point. Thus, the maximum you can lose on each tip is 1 point, but if you're really skilful (and a little lucky) you could win up to 500 points per tip.

If I earn more points will I get better odds on the games if I bet for real money?

We cannot increase the odds that bookmakers offer, but the more points you earn on Tipday, the more likely it is you will win our great, added value promotions.

How Do Tipday Levels Work?

Levels signify how reliable a Tipster's tips are. A combination of number of tips and success rate dictate a user's level.

Levels are currently calculated as using points.


Points are generated as follows:
(Profit * 50) * (Number of tips / 100)

Where do you get the Tipday odds from?

Tipday odds are the same as you would get from a bookmaker if you were betting for real money.This way you can find out if you really have what it takes got beat the bookies without risking a penny.

What is an Expert Tipster?

Users shown in the Expert tipster column on a fixture page, have previously tipped on one of the teams on the fixture. We think these are often the Tipsters you want to pay attention to.

The points shown next to their name are represent how much the user has won tipping on these teams.

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