Best Wishes From Tipday Crew in 2015 and Good Luck in Our New Leaderboard 5th Jan 2015 6364

Best Wishes From Tipday Crew in 2015 and Good Luck in Our New Leaderboard

Doubleb wins another competition, a lot of successful tips on forum

The most popular match in last seven days

England Premier League match between Stoke City and Manchester United was the most tipped match of New Year's Day where only 20% of our tipsters predicted a small upset and 1 - 1 draw.

On the other hand 100% of our tipsters were right to predict a home victory for Manchester City v Sunderland. It was a hell of the match and the Citizens managed to grab 3 points with 3 - 2 victory against the Saints.

Popular forum thread - Tennis Exhibition Matches in Abu Dhabi 1 January

Our user "doubleb" shared his previews and predictions for tennis matches played in Abu Dhabi on 1st January. Both of his betting suggestions were good and we hope you achieved some profit too as this guy is one of the best bettors in our community

Tipster of the week

Our January Leaderboard is already on its way and "m182" is currently leading the race after 5 days. He had a lot of interesting and successful football tips so make sure you follow this guy for upcoming matches!

Top3 January Leaderboard

Although we are going through the early stage of this month's leaderboard, some tipsters have already accumulated nice amount of points. "Underdog273" is currently holding the third position with 5.08 points, while "snapperski" is second with 5.20. Our tipster of the week "m182" is currently January leader with 6.12 points. We would also like to congratulate to one of the best tipsters around doubleb for winning his second consecutive leaderboard in December.

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