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Tipday reveals never before seen sports bets that make money

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If you're tired of placing losing bets, a new website called Tipday might be able to help.

Tipday aggregates thousands of betting tips everyday. From Premier League football, to College Basketball, you can find tips on just about everything.

Of course, not every Tipday user is making golden tips that are going to turn you into an overnight millionaire. That's why you can browse every user's tipping history and stats. That should be enough to keep you away from tipping trainwrecks like Mark '2 tips correct out of 23' Lawrenson.

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'Anyone who copied these tips would have £1k profit'

A user by the name of Jonas has been a member for only a few weeks and is already showing a profit of over 100 points. If you bet £10 on each of his tips, you would already be in over £1,000 of profit.

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Make your own tips and see if you have what it takes to be a pro tipster. Tipday is completely free and you can even pit your wits vs your mates to find out who is the best sports bettor.

If you're rise to the top of the Tipday Leaderboards you can win real cash

Learn more about Tipday Promotions.

If you're really top notch, Tipday will sponsor you to take on the bookies! You can even win Premier League Tickets for having the most shared tips on Twitter and Facebook.

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Tipday has a number of other unique features such as:

  • Odds comparison - Automatic odds comparison on thousands of sporting events.
  • Stats - We display important stats like form, win/loss ratio, league standing and more.
  • Sharing - Share your tipslip on Facebook and Twitter. When your bet comes in, you'll be able to say 'I told you so'!

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