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If sports betting is one of your passions one way or the other, then you have probably come across people in your life who were able to offer some good tips. However, these guy rarely do it, as they are very reluctant of the idea that someone else would be profiting on their knowledge. Tipday is the betting revolution to let you beat the bookies.

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Tipday has the best tipsters around. They're happy to share their sports betting knowledge, and take great pride in doing so. If their tips can make you money - even better. Everybody at Tipday.com has their mind set on one thing – giving the best tips possible and, ultimately, making everyone a winner!

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We believe that with all the available resources used correctly, every bettor out there can outsmart the bookies and become the winner. We’ve started with that vision and have come a long way, seeing day after day how more and more people are actually doing better in the betting game.

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Scotland v England - Tues 18th Nov

Our Prediction: 2-2 Thriller! One of the oldest and most historic international derby matches there around - With Scotland ascending in performances, both teams will put on a show!

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England to Win
97 Tips
62% Agree

Austria vs Russia - Saturday 15th Nov

Our Prediction: 2-3 Russia. Both teams have declined in the past few years, and will field young teams with much to prove!

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Austria to Win
5 Tips
50% Agree

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