Revealed: Pro Football Betting Strategy 19th Mar 2014 16205

Revealed: Pro Football Betting Strategy

Learn how one Tipday user won over £1,000 in a weekend

A small group of sports bettors are costing bookies tens of thousands of pounds every week.

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This article will reveal who these people are and the bets they make that crush the bookies.

Jonas made around £10,000 profit in a month

This tiny percentage of knowledgeable sports bettors are costing the bookies so much money, that their accounts are constantly shut down and their names blacklisted from betting again. This is a serious issue for the bookmakers and they will stop at nothing to keep the pros away.

Before explaining how it's done, take a look at the proof.

This is Jonas' betting graph from the last month. He is in profit of over 100 points and rumour has it he bets up to £100 per point. That means a possible £10,000 profit in a month.

Tipday gives users the opportunity to tip matches at the real odds set by the bookies, without risking a penny. This way you can see if these tips really work before you put your money on the line. Professional Tipsters use Tipday to record their bets, scout the best odds and track their winnings.

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How Did Jonas Beat the Bookies?

To understand how tipsters beat the bookmakers, we need to step into a bookies' shoes and look at things from their point of view.

Rule 1: Bookies don't make their money predicting the outcome of football matches. They make their money no matter what the outcome

Over 95% of sports bettors believe companies like William Hill and PaddyPower make money by outsmarting the punters and consistently predicting the outcome of matches. Do yourself a favour and get that idea out of your head right now, it's holding you back.

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Rule 2: Supply & Demand - The more money bet on a team to win, the worse the odds will get

Instead of attempting to predict a match result, bookmakers aim to make money no matter what the outcome. In the trade this is known as 'Balancing the book'. No matter who wins, who scores, who gets sent off, the bookie always aims to leave with more money than they started.

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What Does This Mean?

The more money on a team to win, the lower the odds must go. This is the exact same reason why you will never get a fair price on England to win the World Cup - There are too many punters betting on an England win and just in case they win, the bookies need a low price so they don't go broke.

The implication is that big teams are almost never a good price. The best odds you can find on Man City to beat Fulham this weekend are 1.17 and whilst it's likely City romp it home,

Rule 3:You will never get a good price on England to win the World Cup because of the amount of money bet on them
history tells us they will not win the match 9 times out of 10.

Tipsters like Jonas take advantage of this flaw. Although he might want England to win the World Cup you would never catch him betting on it.

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